Sunday, June 29, 2008

Longarm Quilters Meeting and UFO update

Ahhh, my UFO UPDATE:
The grocery bags are finished. What's up with that? It has taken me almost a year to decide to spend the half hour (half hour!) it took to finish these.

Kristyn McCoy and Jane Sandercock were the feature of our longarm meeting on Saturday.
We had 19 attend the meeting. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the story of Kristyn & Jane's trip to Africa to instruct at the new quilting centre. This is a Rotary project, so quilts made by the Africans are for sale (from Jane or Kristyn) for $200.00. This money goes back to the quilt maker and will feed their family for three to four months. The centre takes back 10% of the sale price to cover the costs of operation.

The three quilts in the photos are some of the quilts for sale. If you would like further information see Melon Patch Quilts.

We had generous door prize donations for our meeting from Northcott Silk (a nice thin batting for clothing or table items), Quiltsource (beautiful YLI thread), CMQA (a quilt design book) and Creative Sisters (a pantograph pattern). Many thanks to all the donors.

A pricing poll provided the following AVERAGEs of our pricing to customers
  • pantographs : $2.99 per sq. ft. (lowest $2.50, highest $3.33)
  • additional setup fee: only two responses... lowest $10.00, highest $35.00
  • minimum charge regardless of size: $45.45 (lowest $30, highest $60)


  1. Hi Helen-Mary: You have more UFO's than I do - didn't think that was possible!
    Interested to see you are from Caledonia; it's a lovely drive along the river from Brantford. I lived in Paris for about 15 years in another lifetime - pre-1985.
    Great idea about the African Quilts.
    Janet in Nova Scotia

  2. Janet, after this little exercise in counting and recording ufos, a friend of mine did that and it turns out she has 59 ufo's. OMG!!!

  3. Hi Helen, You can imagine my surprise to see a picture of my own Sensi Jane Sandercock on your blog! lol Small world afterall:)
    Love the industrial... I have a huge Consew I use for canvas work, maybe I should get a binder attachment! Woohoo!

  4. Gina, I've known Jane since early in her longarming days. I think I was pretty new myself then. She's a VERY good quilter. Love your blog too, b.t.w.


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