UFO Challenge 2011

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June 20, 2012.  Yes 2012.  Finally completed the Bunny Hill quilt, number 2 on my list.  See regular blog posts for pics.

Nov. 3 - yeah, so, um...  Hmm.  No progress in October - the poppy blocks (#5) were the October UFO, and they are still in a bag somewhere.  The November UFO is #3, and HURRAY - I gave that away this summer.  Heh, heh, heh.  It is somewhere in New Zealand with my DB & SIL's friend.  The July UFO (July???) has it's outer border but is still waiting for quilting.

Sept 18 - Heh, heh, heh. Convergence Complete.

Sept. 8/11 - bad Helen-Mary, bad.  No post at all in August.  Well - the Dresden Plate is the September UFO, and since it is already a TFUQ it should get completed.  UFO # 11.

This Convergence quilt was the August UFO, and is still in mostly the same state as it was on August 1st.  I washed it because it was a little smelly from hanging around so long. 
The July UFO (see below) still needs an outer border.
I am going away for a retreat this weekend and hope to get the July and August tops finished. Then, lord willing and the creek don't rise I may even get one or two quilted in September.

However, on the PLUS side, one of my FTUQs has been quilted.  With my new Intelliquilter I needed a practice piece, so a Thelma Scrappy is now quilted.  Binding to follow.

July 13/11 - we had a sewing day at the Caledonia Guild.  The blocks are set and are ready for a border.  Then it will be quilting time, but I don't know when.  At least I will get the top completed before the end of July.

July 1 - Happy Canada Day!!  Sadly, the June UFO remains untouched, and I'm blaming the commission quilt which is both huge and beautiful.  And done.  Here is the July UFO, number 2.  A collection of Bunny Hill applique blocks that I won at the Caledonia guild.  There are 12 blocks and I'd like to make it big enough to actually be a quilt, so I'll need to get creative with setting the blocks.

June 2 - the UFO for June is #8.  Lone Star and several little mini-lone star blocks.

June 1 - Hurrah - the May UFO is complete.  The binding still needs to be hand stitched, but I'll take care of that in the coming week.

May 2 - Well, I blew it in April.  The blocks are still blocks.  In my defense, I have lots of greenery started for the spring garden and Mom has her replacement pacemaker.  No, silly, I didn't put it in myself.  I did, however, take Mom for all her appointments and they were  VERY time consuming.  And the commission quilt I've been working on has 20 complete blocks.  The May UFO is #9.  I have cheated a wee bit (is it still cheating if you tell everyone?) and edited my list so that the pansies moved to the #9 spot.  I have committed with a guild challenge to complete the pansies by our June meeting.  My self esteem will not survive if I miss out on TWO challenges this year.  Hence, the cheating.

April UFO is #4 - the black & cream blocks.  Ah, hmm, I may have to do a quick-change on the numbers and switch this for a top that is already together.  Mom has her pacemaker replacement booked for this month and she's now got 4 appointments scheduled at the hospital for that.  Sooo, my free time?  Gone.  However, I am really pleased that I've kept on track with the first three, and I committed at a guild to complete #11 before our June meeting.  So that could solve my dilemma, oui?

March UFO finished.  It came on retreat with me two weekends ago so I could finish hand stitching the binding.  Then it nicely kept me cozy and comfy for two nights.

March UFO - #1.  This is the Mile-a-Minute top I completed back in October at the Tobermory retreat.  I plan on Baptist Fan quilting using my Circle Lord boards, so it should go fairly quickly.

Feb. 26/11 COMPLETE.

Feb. 22/11 progress. I am using green thread in the green setting triangles and I cannot see anything.  The thread is a perfect match.  So... I am quilting in the dark.  I leave the headlight off and leave my room lights off.  This gives me a nice light from the side where the windows are.  Shadows are a good thing. 

Feb. 5, 2011 - Here is #10 - the February UFO.  I found the missing UFOs in the cedar chest.  I was cleaning up, just like I thought.  That goes to show you, cleaning up is not always a good thing.

Feb. 1, 2011 - January's UFO is complete.  Including the label. Good on me, eh?  I was really getting down to the wire, though.  I finished it at guild yesterday at approximately 7:15 p.m.  February's number is 10.  I'll post a photo later.  For now, I'm just glad the new number is not 11, since I discovered yesterday that I have misplaced it.  Damned January cleaning, no doubt, made me put is somewhere 'out of the way'.

Jan 15/11 - the top has been flattened.  I removed the outer bears paw blocks, cut off the tiny folded border, inserted a narrow black border and resewed the outer border.  Now I need a spare afternoon to quilt it.

Jan 2011 - the first UFO is number 6. I had to go searching for Bear in the Woods. If you look closely you will see the class date as Aug 11, 2001. Nine and a half years later... I need to remove the outer border and the black folded border, add a spacer strip and then put the border back on. We were using Elna sewing machines and the 1/4" foot was the kind with the little flange. I think that flange stretches bias edges, which made all my border blocks too large.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  It was a really fun class, though.  Eleanor Burns is a really entertaining teacher.  I have her autograph in my book, and a souvenir photo of her & I together.


1 Mile-A-Minute - top finished. FINISHED MARCH 11/11.
2 Bunny Hill Designs BOM won at guild.  Really really cute blocks.  NEEDS ONE MORE BORDER.  SOON MAYBE?  FINISHED JUNE 20, 2012.  yes.  2012.  Better late than never.
3 Shoe Quilt, unsolicited, from Anne.  GIVEN AWAY IN JULY.  SOMEWHERE IN NEW ZEALAND.  :-)
4 Five black & cream block from the birthday club.  Will likely turn into placemats. *Jan 11 update (already???) While I was searching for #6 I found 7 more black & cream blocks. Huh. Now I need to revise my game plan and turn these into a real quilt. Maybe for b.i.l. & s.i.l. who have a black & taupe bedroom?  DARN.  THIS WAS THE APRIL UFO AND IT IS, SADLY, STILL A UFO.
5 Paper pieced poppies, won as b.o.m.  I have good intentions of making this into sewing machine covers.  OCTOBER UFO, STILL IN PIECES.  LIKELY TO STAY THAT WAY UNTIL 2012.
6 Bear's Paw, Eleanor Burns class.  Hmm - must find this. FINISHED JAN. 31/11.
7 Convergence Wall Hanging.  Needs borders I think.  SEPT. 18 COMPLETE.
8 Lone Star Quilt, Shirley Stutz class.  Really sick of this one - it's been hanging over my head for too long.  STILL INCOMPLETE.  MAYBE NEXT YEAR?

9 Pansy Quilt, top finished.  FINISHED JUNE 1/11.
10 Dresden Plate Quilt, top finished.  FINISHED FEB. 26/11.
11 Old Dresden Plate, top finished.
12 Bow Tie Quilt, top finished.