Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Strippie Sampler Quilt and Dear Universe...Knock it Off Already

Oh.  Love, love, love the red.

This is the first quilt she's ever made.  Nicely done!

Dear Universe!  Please!  Bugger off with the rain, already.
June 2016:  37 mm of rain.
June 2017:  67 mm of rain.
Thunderstorms forecast again for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Canada Quilts, Red Hats in the Rain...rain...rain, the Potty Incident

Three great Canada quilts for the kids in this gal's family.



This is (ahem) MINE.  When I was at Quilt Canada last week I bought the license plate panel, then came home and made up a quickie for the front door.  Now to get it bound and actually hang it on the front door.

Yesterday was Red Hat day.  Our outing was to Whistling Gardens.  Our admission included a tour and the water fountains choreographed to music.  What fun!  In the pouring rain!

It wasn't really pouring during the show.  But it was definitely raining.

We got in about an hour of the tour but gave up when it started to rain.  We decided to have our lunch early in the picnic area.  Do you see the rain pouring down?  Thank goodness for the tented picnic area.
It managed to stop raining in time for us to head over to Hewitts Dairy in Hagersville for ice cream.  A perfect finish to our day.

Aah, the Potty Incident.  That mirror, which used to hang above the sink, belonged to mom.  I kept it when she had to move into assisted living.  Why her spirit decided to fling it off the wall last night is beyond me, but I sure hope the "seven years of bad luck" thing is just a rumour.

Monday, June 12, 2017

That Crazy 365 Quilt, and garden update

This is the Crazy 365 Quilt.  (crazy is my word, not really the name of the quilt)  A block per day for a whole year.  The little ones are only 3" x 3".

Never in my life would I make a quilt like this.  Kudos to all the crazy quilters who did.

This gal likes blue, so here's number two quilt.

Those ice cream cones are too stinkin' cute.

Sigh.  The garden.
Here's a view from the east.  The cutting garden is on the left, with the veggie bed on the right.  Food seems to be creeping into the cutting garden though.  Last year it was the tomatoes & strawberries.  This year it's butternut squash & the same strawberries.

The zucchini seeds are up!!!

The beans are under chicken wire for a while to protect them from the stupid rabbits.  They were cavorting on the lawn - two of them - while I was taking these pics.  Little bastards.

Yes, look closely here and you will see TOILET PAPER ROLLS.  No.  Not in case I have an, um, emergency.  They are around celery plants, and will, I hope, keep the dirt out of the stalks.  We'll see.  This is an experiment.

Yippee, yippee, yippee - a red strawberry!!!

We've been eating more than our fair share of asparagus.  I pick a few stalks every day, which gives us enough for supper about every three days.  Step 1 - wash and trim off the bottom of the stalks.

Step 2 - put them in a container with some water in the bottom.  Cover with a baggie and store in the fridge.

We'll be getting plenty of lettuce now too.  This gets a fresh trim at the bottom stem.  Then I swaddle it gently in a damp paper towel, and then the plastic bag.  This is an old trick of mom's.  It keeps for an amazingly long time this way.