Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Few More Vintage Quilts

Back in April I posted a vintage quilt and the same customer brought a few more.  I always get such a warm fuzzy feeling when these are finished and OUT of the closet.

Log cabin.  Love. 💓

For this Dresden Plate, first you need to see where it started.  

I always love the transformation.

Working with a scrappy palette, using 5" squares, is not new.

You may notice that these quilts already have the binding attached, and they're ready for trimming/hand stitching.  I have several customers who like having that part done for them, because manouvering a large quilt around on a domestic sewing machine is kind of hard work.

There has been a lot of this going on.

The garden is mostly planted, and some is RE-planted because of the rainy, cool spring.  Yes, the zucchini is growing nicely! 😆

Next week, (assuming I manage to return to weekly-ish blogging) I will tell you about my trip to Quilt Canada in Ottawa.