Sunday, September 27, 2015

of Braids and Bread

I am probably the only quilter on the planet who has NOT made a braid quilt.  I just love 'em, though, and one of these IS on my to-do list.

When the maker and I were discussing the quilting, she decided on NON-feather designs. The border design was the idea-maker for the design I placed in all the 'braid' pieces.

I drafted that braid pattern in the IQ all by myself.  (ouch - sore shoulder from patting my own back) And it's continuous.

Now that AUTUMN is officially here, it was time to start the bread-making season off right.  This is Herb & Cheddar bread.  Loaf #1 was gone on day #1.  Do ya wonder why my clothes all look just a little bit tight by March?
If you are looking for more cooking tips...

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Farm/House Quilt and the Impending End of Summer

I had a lot of fun working on this quilt.

In the little green strip below the barn I quilted in a row of mice.
There are birds on the roofs of the barns and houses.

In the 'Big House' block there is a rabbit sitting under the apple tree and a row of flowers in the front lawn.

For those of you who like to live with your heads in the sand, do you realize that Wednesday is the first day of Autumn?  The only good thing about that is the tomatoes will finally stop.  There is NOTHING worse than picking the roma tomatoes (which are pretty much on the ground because the plants sprawl) and sticking your bare hand into a rotten tomato.  gross!  yuk!  eeeuww! 

Summer's End
By Judith Viorst

One by one the petals drop
There's nothing that can make them stop.
You cannot beg a rose to stay.
Why does it have to be that way?

The butterflies I used to chase
Have gone off to some other place.
I don't know where. I only know
I wish they didn't have to go.

And all the shiny afternoons
So full of birds and big balloons
And ice cream melting in the sun Are done.
I do not want them done

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Things We Forget

It's the annual fall retreat at Margaret's, for the Bobcaygeon Quilt Show.  My food contribution was a turkey I pulled out of the freezer (to make room for the leftover tomatoes!) with an added side dish of sausage/apple/pecan stuffing. One of the other girls did the veggies and potatoes, and another handled the dessert. All food groups were covered. ☺
I went down to my room tonight to get out of the "real" pants and put on the yoga pants, and realized that I forgot to bring a fresh top to wear home tomorrow. Yup. Getting old & forgetful.
I have done NO sewing. But I have, now, finally downloaded the library app so I can get books online. Feeling very techno-weenie.  Next, I may figure out how to change the TV channel so I don't have to watch any more baseball.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Japanese Lanterns & Final Zucchini Report & What-the-hell-have-you-been-doing?

I seriously love my job sometimes.  This quilt was just a beauty to work on.

Sashiko pattern in the red borders.

A continuous circle pattern in the black border.

A brick design in the beige 'ladies' border.

Mmm.  Diamond & Circle in the black border.

I used a modified portion of the Diamond & Circle to fill in the black background area behind the large lanterns.
A panel on the back, which needed to be centered.  Always a bit of a challenge, that.  This is really close - within 1/2".  Yay me!
As I explained, the zucchinis are toast.  In a manner of speaking.  The last 5 tiny stragglers were picked, to give me a grand total...

Now I have moved on to the tomatoes.  I am NOT doing a tomato report.  Find some other idiot for that chore, ok??

There has been lots of this going on.

On Thursday night my poor cooktop look like this.  Aaargh....
I was making so much tomato sauce that it was bubbling up pretty close to the top of the pot.  Then, I realized "uh oh - it's going to boil over... should I take it off the burner or turn the burner down?"  By the time I asked myself that little question it was already too late.
 Tomato sauce EVERYWHERE.

Last night, DH felt sorry for me and cleaned up.    Thank you, sweetheart.
In case you are interested, so far I have canned...
Onion Soup - 7 quarts
Amaretto-Peach Butter - 5 1/2 pints
Plain sliced peaches - 3 pints
Salsa - 6 pints
Seasoned Italian Tomato Sauce - 12 1/2 pints