Saturday, September 5, 2015

Japanese Lanterns & Final Zucchini Report & What-the-hell-have-you-been-doing?

I seriously love my job sometimes.  This quilt was just a beauty to work on.

Sashiko pattern in the red borders.

A continuous circle pattern in the black border.

A brick design in the beige 'ladies' border.

Mmm.  Diamond & Circle in the black border.

I used a modified portion of the Diamond & Circle to fill in the black background area behind the large lanterns.
A panel on the back, which needed to be centered.  Always a bit of a challenge, that.  This is really close - within 1/2".  Yay me!
As I explained, the zucchinis are toast.  In a manner of speaking.  The last 5 tiny stragglers were picked, to give me a grand total...

Now I have moved on to the tomatoes.  I am NOT doing a tomato report.  Find some other idiot for that chore, ok??

There has been lots of this going on.

On Thursday night my poor cooktop look like this.  Aaargh....
I was making so much tomato sauce that it was bubbling up pretty close to the top of the pot.  Then, I realized "uh oh - it's going to boil over... should I take it off the burner or turn the burner down?"  By the time I asked myself that little question it was already too late.
 Tomato sauce EVERYWHERE.

Last night, DH felt sorry for me and cleaned up.    Thank you, sweetheart.
In case you are interested, so far I have canned...
Onion Soup - 7 quarts
Amaretto-Peach Butter - 5 1/2 pints
Plain sliced peaches - 3 pints
Salsa - 6 pints
Seasoned Italian Tomato Sauce - 12 1/2 pints

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