Friday, October 28, 2016

Post Retreat DWR and Christmas Idea

Hopefully the whole day doesn't go like this.

By 5 am it was apparent there was no more sleep in my immediate future, so I gave up and got up.  DH had thankfully prepped the coffee before bed so I turned it on, then went downstairs and lit a fire.  I went back up to pour myself a cup, only to discover coffee all over the counter.  sigh.  It seems the pot wasn't quite under the drip hole.

I take the Double Wedding Ring on retreat with me and spend O.N.E. day working on it.  It takes a whole day to complete one row.  I'm an idiot and decided to make this scrappy, but every ring is a single fabric.  This requires much organizing and laying out ahead of time.  At one row per year it will take me five more years to complete this quilt.

This is a very cute idea for Christmas gifts.  White placemats that have been quilted with a picture.  Include a box of wash-out markers.  While waiting for supper, the kid can colour instead of whine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday accomplishment (s)

Three quilt blocks took me most of the day. Although I did spend some time on the couch, moaning about eating too much. And then I forced myself to go for a walk.

Those other projects are what the girls are still working on.  Me? It's 9 pm and I'm done for the night.  I'm going to put on my jammies and settle in on my friendly couch with a good book.

Monday, October 17, 2016

If It's Monday I Must Be In Tobermory

It's my annual week in Tobermory with the Beach Girls.  Always mid-October, which means I have to call my DB from here to sing Happy Birthday to him. 

When we arrived yesterday it was 18 c. and sunny.  Cocktails on the deck.  Smoked pork chops for supper.  You cannot ask for anything better.

Project #1 - the Challenge Fabrics, being made into a Drunkards Path table runner.
Work job #1 - sort out the SOLO attendees (southern Ontario Longarm Operators) for the October 30th meeting, and show "Debbie-the-label-maker" how to access EVITE.
KP job #1 - Salmon tonight with roasted potatoes & butternut squash, maybe cauliflower and/or salad.

Keeping the "assistant" off my lap will be a daily job. ☺

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Morning with Saturday Night Live

Do you need a giggle-break?  I had trouble eating my breakfast this morning because I had to keep wiping away the tears.

Watch the Presidential Debate as re-enacted on Saturday Night Live.  Link HERE.

If you need more, here are a few others...

SNL: Alec Baldwin Roasts Donald Trump’s Grab The P*ssy Audio Leak 

SNL Kate McKinnon Plays Trump Mgr. Kellyanne Conway

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Christmas Trees Anyone??? and the Border Challenge

I wish I could be as prepared as some of my customers.

I will still be trying to choose Christmas gifts on December 22nd.  And cursing myself.
This is beautifully pieced and will make a great gift for someone.

This backing is a lovely cozy green flannel.

These stupid tomatoes are no longer allowed in the house.  There are so many fruit flies zipping around the kitchen that I have to keep a SECOND coaster for my wine and put it on the top of the glass to keep the bugs out.  I've now become very adept at picking up the glass and gently sandwiching the top coaster between two fingers and sliding it off while I take a slug dainty sip.  So far I've done 15 jars of salsa and 37 (?) quarts of diced tomatoes.  Many many people think I'm a bit insane to can my own tomatoes.  If they ever googled the 'allowable contaminants in canned goods' they might change their minds.

THE BORDER CHALLENGE and a bit of whining
Back in June I showed you some pics of this quilt, which I made for two different challenges at two different guilds.  At the first guild (the Paint Chip challenge) I won zippo. Nothin.  There were, I think, at LEAST 15 entries.  The winners did great jobs on their projects and their wins were well deserved.

At the second guild (the Border Challenge) I won first prize - a charm pack of red & whites that I can use for the same two guilds' current challenges to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday next year.  Yay me!
Now for the whining part...
At the second guild, which is the same size as the first guild, there were FIVE entries.  Compared to at least FIFTEEN entries at the first guild.  With only five entries there was obviously not a lot to choose from when the ladies voted.
When I walked into the 'challenge room' to look at the entries and fill out my ballot, there was a conversation in progress, in front of MY quilt, that went something like this (I have paraphrased because I was trying to NOT eavesdrop, but they were kinda loud):
Lady A:  "Well, the quilting is beautiful but did she quilt it herself, or did she pay a longarm quilter?"
Lady B: "She might have her own longarm."
Lady A:  "If she paid a professional then she didn't do the quilting and I would vote for a different quilt."
Lady B: "Even if it she did the quilting herself, that still makes it done by a professional."

I have to tell you, firstly - for courtesy's sake I think the conversation should have stopped when the ladies saw me enter the room, because they know I am a professional longarm quilter, and I think the three of us were the only ones in the room at the time.  Secondly, this kind of chatter makes me wonder why I go to guild meetings.  It's hurtful and makes me feel like ... like ... dirty somehow.
Am I not supposed to participate?  There were FIVE damned entries!  Obviously there are a lot of guild members who could not be bothered to appreciate the organizers of the Challenge enough to play along.  How do you think they felt after doing all the hard work of putting instructions together every month?

And lastly:  the reason the quilting is beautiful?  Because I WORKED HARD to make it beautiful.

Rant over.