Friday, October 28, 2016

Post Retreat DWR and Christmas Idea

Hopefully the whole day doesn't go like this.

By 5 am it was apparent there was no more sleep in my immediate future, so I gave up and got up.  DH had thankfully prepped the coffee before bed so I turned it on, then went downstairs and lit a fire.  I went back up to pour myself a cup, only to discover coffee all over the counter.  sigh.  It seems the pot wasn't quite under the drip hole.

I take the Double Wedding Ring on retreat with me and spend O.N.E. day working on it.  It takes a whole day to complete one row.  I'm an idiot and decided to make this scrappy, but every ring is a single fabric.  This requires much organizing and laying out ahead of time.  At one row per year it will take me five more years to complete this quilt.

This is a very cute idea for Christmas gifts.  White placemats that have been quilted with a picture.  Include a box of wash-out markers.  While waiting for supper, the kid can colour instead of whine.

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