Monday, October 17, 2016

If It's Monday I Must Be In Tobermory

It's my annual week in Tobermory with the Beach Girls.  Always mid-October, which means I have to call my DB from here to sing Happy Birthday to him. 

When we arrived yesterday it was 18 c. and sunny.  Cocktails on the deck.  Smoked pork chops for supper.  You cannot ask for anything better.

Project #1 - the Challenge Fabrics, being made into a Drunkards Path table runner.
Work job #1 - sort out the SOLO attendees (southern Ontario Longarm Operators) for the October 30th meeting, and show "Debbie-the-label-maker" how to access EVITE.
KP job #1 - Salmon tonight with roasted potatoes & butternut squash, maybe cauliflower and/or salad.

Keeping the "assistant" off my lap will be a daily job. ☺

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