Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Railroad Tracks Quilt and Dear Universe: Please Bugger Off!

I love the colours in this quilt.  And I would never, ever do this much paper piecing.

Quilted with tons of s.i.d.  Added x-hatching in the blue background and some little feathers in the gold centers.


I've been up since about 2:30 this morning.  I think my stress levels might be just a wee bit too high. In the past month...
  • Door knob fell off (bought all new door lock sets = $600).
  • Fridge quit (quickie emergency fridge $400 plus new REAL fridge $3300).
  • New furniture is waiting to be delivered but the old furniture has not sold yet ($2600).
  • Must pick up 4 gallons of pre-purchased paint by month end, a bargain I got last year.  I've been waffling on paint colours but the deadline for pickup is Sept. 30th.
  • Sadie's been eating herself.  She's wearing a cone and is now on antibiotics twice daily for 2 weeks.
  • And the worst news:  my sister passed away unexpectedly last weekend.
Goodbye Sharon.  I'll  miss having a sister.  No one else can answer those dumb questions I have. 😢

Picked this week:  3 (to Sept. 10)
Picked YTD:        83

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Raven quilt, A Kitchen Story, and the Zucchini Report

This is The Raven quilt.  I love every bit of this quilt.  All hand applique.

Background quilting was simple crosshatching, following the lines of the fabric.

Everything was s.i.d.  Birds were feathered (of course!) and other bits were quilted as applicable.

It's much easier to see the quilting on the back.
Somehow, the kitchen story seems to be taking place on the back patio.  Whaaatt??

Yeah.  Remember a couple weeks ago I spent HOURS cleaning the fridge before my in-laws arrived?  Wasted effort.  "Clean" and  "Cold" are, apparently, two different things.  Today my "cold" stuff was living in a cooler on the back porch.

The veggies were fending for themselves on the kitchen floor.  (ha ha - nice zucchini! 😀 )

When you are DESPERATE for a new fridge, on a long weekend no less, here is a little tip for you:  stores do not keep fridges in stock.  They have to be ordered in.  Except cheap, small fridges from Costco.  Ahem.


Picked this week:  6
Picked YTD:       80