Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paducah Trip

Didja miss me? (Pardon me - you didn't know I was gone?!!?) Now that I'm over 50 by a year or few I love going on bus trips. Beach Day Diane took us to Paducah Kentucky for the 25th AQS show. My job as Diane's useless assistant was to help out with the goody bags.

This is some of the stuff for 47 bags.

This is 47 bags in progress. Gosh, aren't they pretty!

This is 47 bags ready for the bus.

The weather was sooo warm it was better than summer. The food vendors were well stocked with ice cream - someone must have told them that was our preference for lunch.

QuiltMan gave us a tour of Paducah (which is a really pretty city). He wasn't so bad either.

Here is Eleanor Burns providing lots of fun for anyone who wanted to spend an hour getting a very long commercial. I make that sound like a bad thing, but actually I love Eleanor. I think she's worth every penny she's ever made.

Here is Karen (longarm quilting buddy and seat mate) and I at a shop we accidentally landed at. We had stopped at a lunch buffet and one of our travelers started chatting with a woman who was there to get her lunch. It turned out she owned a quilt shop not far from the restaurant, so we all got on the bus and went shopping. She should probably give the restaurant a commission - who accidentally runs into a bus load of quilters?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Post Easter (Easter Post?)

My hope is that the torture machine will make up for the dessert. We went to my brother's for dinner and I brought dessert.
Everyone ate too much, so I had to bring dessert home. And eat most of it.

I'm sooo glad someone invented frozen pastry for purchase at the grocery store.

Blueberry Strata Pie
  • First Layer - Pastry
  • Second Layer - cream cheese, sugar, crushed pineapple
  • Third Layer - Blueberry pie filling with slightly thickened pineapple juice
  • Fourth Layer - Whipped Cream & Sugar
  • Garnish - pineapple bits and cinnamon dusting
This post should have been posted days ago, but Mom landed in the hospital again. This time it's a gallstone lodged in the pancreas, causing Acute Pancreatitis. She was very sick, the doctors were preparing us for a 'mortality'. The gallstone has since moved and the drugs have cleared up the infection. The plan is they will send a scope down her throat and check out the pancreas, gall bladder and liver. I am leaving on a bus trip to Paducah tomorrow, so my brother and sister will be looking after things with Mom while I'm away. And the (convenient) fluke is, my cellphone does not work in the USA.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, and finally spring!

The class I've been teaching is a Maple Leaf quilt. Judy is this term's overachiever and has her top all done.
So done, in fact, that I've had it long enough to get it quilted already. She is donating this to the Quilts of Valour program, so it is my 'April' QOV job. I've committed to quilting one per month.

This year's first daffy came out today! Yaaay... tons more to come.

Somebody better pass along the fact that there's only ONE old bat allowed around this house, and that's ME.

I really was an old bat today. We were out for a walk and a car pulled over asking directions. Too late I realized that I sent her to the wrong road - totally in the wrong direction. If she actually went down the road I sent her to she may have lost an axle - there's a sign that says 'Impassible When Wet'. Every time a car came back towards us DH figured it was Ms. lost-in-the-country coming to run me over. In the accounting department of the Universe, will this cancel out the good I've done with the charity quilting?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

winnings from guild night

I don't know where you are dear bloggers, but what the heck is up with SNOW in April? We actually have a DRIFT in the driveway. My poor crocus' are freezing their little pistils off. I went out this morning to teach my quilting class and refused to put on winter boots, just on principle. Mind you, my shoes were soaked, and my pants were soaked, but I sure showed Mother Nature!

I am spending a lot of my spare time catching up my bookwork for the accountant. Tax deadline is looming. I promise myself, every year, that THIS year I will do my books regularly instead of cramming it all into one hellish week in April. sigh... again, not done. Maybe this year???? Yeah, I know, blonde roots.

There was a major shift in the universe last Monday night. I won the Block of the Month. Applique'd pansies. I just love them, except for the fact that now I have another ufo.

Then, a little whipped cream on the cake - one of the guild ladies gave me a batch of Maple Leaf blocks she had won quite a long time ago (again, Block of the Month winnings). She said I could have them to make a Quilt of Valour. Yaaay - thank you Arlene! Mind you, that is ANOTHER ufo. Back up to 21 ufo's.

Here's my lovely poochie-woochie, keeping an eye on what I'm up to 'cause she loves me so much.

Um, no. This is what she's watching. Her favorite food group.

Boy, was I ever loving her up the other night after watching Marley & Me. A very good, 3 kleenex movie.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quilt Marking with Blue Washout Marker, Carolina Lily Quilt

Some quilts require a more formal approach to quilting designs. To me, that means the designs are regular and near-identical in size and shape. Striking terror in the hearts of MANY longarm quilters, the design must be marked in some manner.

tools required:
  • doctor paper, or some other strong paper for design work
  • blue washout marker
  • stiletto (for sewing - NOT a pair of sexy shoes)
  • soft surface, ie. foam, styrofoam, ironing board
  • old toothbrush & plain (plain) water

I start by making a design on 'doctor paper' - the stuff on the bed in the doctor's office that you lay on when you go for your bi-annual you-know-what. It is thin, translucent and strong. After all, it can support MY butt without tearing.

I lay the pattern on a hunk of foam (or styrofoam, or an ironing board). Using a stiletto I poke holes approximately every half inch.

I lightly pin the holey pattern on to the quilt top and use a blue washout marker to put little blue dots on the top.

I use Clover markers.

Quilt, using the dots as a guideline.

Remove the dots with a bit of water on a toothbrush. You can also purchase a pen filled with water, from Clover.

Ta Da!!

As a caution, ALWAYS TEST THAT THE MARKER WILL DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY. I use an inside seam allowance to make a few marks on EVERY different fabric which will be marked. I leave the marks overnight and remove them the next day. If they come out I feel confident to mark a quilt.