Tuesday, April 7, 2009

winnings from guild night

I don't know where you are dear bloggers, but what the heck is up with SNOW in April? We actually have a DRIFT in the driveway. My poor crocus' are freezing their little pistils off. I went out this morning to teach my quilting class and refused to put on winter boots, just on principle. Mind you, my shoes were soaked, and my pants were soaked, but I sure showed Mother Nature!

I am spending a lot of my spare time catching up my bookwork for the accountant. Tax deadline is looming. I promise myself, every year, that THIS year I will do my books regularly instead of cramming it all into one hellish week in April. sigh... again, not done. Maybe this year???? Yeah, I know, blonde roots.

There was a major shift in the universe last Monday night. I won the Block of the Month. Applique'd pansies. I just love them, except for the fact that now I have another ufo.

Then, a little whipped cream on the cake - one of the guild ladies gave me a batch of Maple Leaf blocks she had won quite a long time ago (again, Block of the Month winnings). She said I could have them to make a Quilt of Valour. Yaaay - thank you Arlene! Mind you, that is ANOTHER ufo. Back up to 21 ufo's.

Here's my lovely poochie-woochie, keeping an eye on what I'm up to 'cause she loves me so much.

Um, no. This is what she's watching. Her favorite food group.

Boy, was I ever loving her up the other night after watching Marley & Me. A very good, 3 kleenex movie.

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