Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paducah Trip

Didja miss me? (Pardon me - you didn't know I was gone?!!?) Now that I'm over 50 by a year or few I love going on bus trips. Beach Day Diane took us to Paducah Kentucky for the 25th AQS show. My job as Diane's useless assistant was to help out with the goody bags.

This is some of the stuff for 47 bags.

This is 47 bags in progress. Gosh, aren't they pretty!

This is 47 bags ready for the bus.

The weather was sooo warm it was better than summer. The food vendors were well stocked with ice cream - someone must have told them that was our preference for lunch.

QuiltMan gave us a tour of Paducah (which is a really pretty city). He wasn't so bad either.

Here is Eleanor Burns providing lots of fun for anyone who wanted to spend an hour getting a very long commercial. I make that sound like a bad thing, but actually I love Eleanor. I think she's worth every penny she's ever made.

Here is Karen (longarm quilting buddy and seat mate) and I at a shop we accidentally landed at. We had stopped at a lunch buffet and one of our travelers started chatting with a woman who was there to get her lunch. It turned out she owned a quilt shop not far from the restaurant, so we all got on the bus and went shopping. She should probably give the restaurant a commission - who accidentally runs into a bus load of quilters?

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