Monday, May 30, 2016

Two Interesting Quilts & the garden

This is a great modern quilt called Paper Clips.

Quilted with "Modern Hourglass" panto.

Ooh, I love this one.  Very funky New York Beauty.

Quilted with Chantilly Lace panto.

My clematis is sooo pretty this year!

The front garden poppies are popping.

The bees loooove the sage.

The stupid rabbit is very healthy.  Last night I got DH to put a big fence around this section of the garden because the lettuce, cabbage and peas are ALL being eaten by the little bastard.  And I planted bean and beet seeds which would also disappear if we took no action.  So there!

Dear Sweet Jesus.  I have dug up about 300 garlic plants that have been seeding themselves over the last couple of years in my cutting garden.  Every time I think I've got all the big clumps I find another one.  I have now learned that you need to clip off the 'scapes' (the curly flower thing) because that is the seed head.

On the plus side, I found STRAWBERRY plants buried under all that garlic.

And on the plus plus side, I planted four ZUCCHINI plants yesterday. :P

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Scene Through A Window & Wazzup In The Garden

This is such a pretty quilt.

Apparently, it was made from two kits for a different quilt.

So the maker had to 'get creative'.  She sure did a great job!

The delivery guy who brought my batting order surprised me when I was still in my jammies.  This four rolls should get me through the next several months.  It's kinda fun to open these up - they're a bit like popcorn, pouffing up when they get released.  Similar to my belly when the jeans come off and the yoga pants go on.   :-)


The asparagus.  Which is delicious.  I have a zillion baby plants now that have come from seed off the parent plants.

The garlic.  Which could use some weeding.  Perhaps today?

Some of the tomatoes.  DH planted these under 'warmers'.  The tubes are filled with water, and retain heat so you can plant a bit earlier than you would normally get away with.  These will come off within the next week.  There are more tomatoes which were planted under plastic cloches, and those are already out from under wraps.

Cabbage seedlings planted a couple weeks ago.  Some of them appear to have been nibbled on by Peter Rabbit.  bastard.  This needs weeding now, too.

Pea sprouts.  These seeds were put in when I planted the cabbage seedlings.  They are now fighting it out with self-seeded cilantro, dandelions, and grass.  More weeding required.

Everbearing raspberries.  These made it through the winter beautifully!

Seedlings under fancy shadecloth.  Zucchini (!!!), butternut squash, and cucumbers.

The useless assistant.   :P

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rocky Mountain High Quilt - photo heavy post

Honestly, some people make the most incredible quilts.  This is ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH by Country Creations, Strathmore, AB.  There is no link to the pattern because I cannot find one that works.

Many, many hours of s.i.d.
I had no trouble deciding how to quilt the sky, the mountains, the trees, and the water.

Deciding on the buildings, roofs, and landscape was a bit more challenging.

A brown "wood" house.  A few with "siding".

Blue "board & batten".

"Stone" and "siding".

Ground quilted with "pebbles" and fencing (which I thought was just too cute!).

"Normal" quilting with border treatments.
 Aaaand... the back.

Last night we had 1-800-Luke and his beautiful wife here for dinner.  I suggested that they bring dessert so they didn't have to eat apple pie (again!).
Imagine my surprise when I glanced at the cheesecake.
I thought to myself "WTF!!!  Dessert from Home Depot????!!?".
Then I took a closer look.  Ha ha... that's a gift card for DH, not a Home Depot sticker.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Diane Carson Trunk Show - Wednesday May 11th

Diane Carson, Longarm Quilter from Grand Bend area will be presenting a trunk show at the Caledonia Quilt Guild on Wednesday May 11th at 7 pm.

She will be at my house earlier that day for lunch and martinis tea.

If you would like to see the trunk show go to the guild blog for meeting information.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


What?  Christmas?  Well, apparently it is.

This is Flurry - a free pattern from United Notions.  Link HERE.

It was quilted with a pantograph that echoes the style of star in some of the prints, and the swirl in some others.

You know how I feel about pieced quilt backs. :-)

This is totally scrappy in reds/greens/golds and includes lots of plaids.

It's a dirt simple quilt - all made from 4-patches and matching background squares.  It's DEFINITELY going on my scrappy to-do list.

Simple straight line quilting looks great on the muslin back.

I'm feeling very TECH SAVVY this morning.  I finally added 'smileys' to my arsenal. :-P
It's honestly frightening to mess with the template knowing that I risk screwing up the whole blog.  And there's a lotta blog here, going back to 2008.  This is, in essence, an online diary.  I occasionally go back to see when it was that I poked myself in the eye.  Or when I slipped and broke my wrist, or when I poisoned us with some recipe-experiment in the kitchen.  Speaking of which, we'll be eating asparagus from the garden within the week, so experiments will be on the menu.  Poor DH.  ha ha ha...