Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rocky Mountain High Quilt - photo heavy post

Honestly, some people make the most incredible quilts.  This is ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH by Country Creations, Strathmore, AB.  There is no link to the pattern because I cannot find one that works.

Many, many hours of s.i.d.
I had no trouble deciding how to quilt the sky, the mountains, the trees, and the water.

Deciding on the buildings, roofs, and landscape was a bit more challenging.

A brown "wood" house.  A few with "siding".

Blue "board & batten".

"Stone" and "siding".

Ground quilted with "pebbles" and fencing (which I thought was just too cute!).

"Normal" quilting with border treatments.
 Aaaand... the back.

Last night we had 1-800-Luke and his beautiful wife here for dinner.  I suggested that they bring dessert so they didn't have to eat apple pie (again!).
Imagine my surprise when I glanced at the cheesecake.
I thought to myself "WTF!!!  Dessert from Home Depot????!!?".
Then I took a closer look.  Ha ha... that's a gift card for DH, not a Home Depot sticker.

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