Sunday, May 1, 2016


What?  Christmas?  Well, apparently it is.

This is Flurry - a free pattern from United Notions.  Link HERE.

It was quilted with a pantograph that echoes the style of star in some of the prints, and the swirl in some others.

You know how I feel about pieced quilt backs. :-)

This is totally scrappy in reds/greens/golds and includes lots of plaids.

It's a dirt simple quilt - all made from 4-patches and matching background squares.  It's DEFINITELY going on my scrappy to-do list.

Simple straight line quilting looks great on the muslin back.

I'm feeling very TECH SAVVY this morning.  I finally added 'smileys' to my arsenal. :-P
It's honestly frightening to mess with the template knowing that I risk screwing up the whole blog.  And there's a lotta blog here, going back to 2008.  This is, in essence, an online diary.  I occasionally go back to see when it was that I poked myself in the eye.  Or when I slipped and broke my wrist, or when I poisoned us with some recipe-experiment in the kitchen.  Speaking of which, we'll be eating asparagus from the garden within the week, so experiments will be on the menu.  Poor DH.  ha ha ha...


  1. Thanks for the link to the quilt pattern. I know what you are saying about changing things on your blog, it's bit scary as you could loose some stuff!

  2. Two great quilts and love the quilting you chose. Yum for asparagus out of the garden. As for making changes to the blog - scary!


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