Sunday, April 24, 2016

Interesting Quilt Backs, Stash Report, a GREAT Shade Plant

There are many quilts that will tell you they need a solid, clean, matching back.  Especially if the top has a lot of WHITE, you need to exercise caution to ensure there is no ghosting of a dark print to the quilt top.
But many, many quilts are pieced in darker colours and have such a lot of activity going on, why not use up your leftovers on the back? These look so much more interesting.

The pantograph I used on this quilt looks really good with the large scale print in the middle of this back.

I love the slightly off-kilter wonkyness (ha ha - Google doesn't like that word) of those log cabin blocks on this back.

Really, I love my job.  If I live to be one hundred I will never have the time to play around with all these design ideas.  As a longarm quilter at least I can enjoy them vicariously.

I was gifted with some pots of Bloodroot and Trillium last spring from a friend.  I have learned over the years that I should plant things in more than one location, because you can never tell where a plant is going to be happy.  Here is the bloodroot happily blooming away near the back door of the house.  It gets sunshine IN THE SPRING for several hours, but soon this will be completely (and I MEAN completely) filled with hostas.  The other clump was planted waaayyy over on the side of the yard in the treeline, and they look pretty happy too.  This little flowerbed at the house is well taken care of and gets regular watering.  Over in the treeline the plants have to be very self-determined to survive because they don't get nuthin' except sometimes eaten by Peter Rabbit.  (on a side note - my darling dog Sadie finished off one of the Peter Rabbits and left it as a gift on the back patio.  At least this one was whole, as opposed to the last one that was only maybe a quarter of a rabbit.  ick.) It will be interesting to follow these two sets over the years to see how they compare.
Be cautious when handling Bloodroot.  It will cause lesions and scabbing of the skin.

It's a little bit early to do a monthly stash report, but I have no expectation that I'll get anything finished enough to report a usage number.  See what happens when you go away for a week?  And go to a fabric warehouse while you're gone?  Note to self:  Really?... adding almost 61 m. in one month.  Was that necessary?
Used this month       0.00  Hmm.  So sad.
Used YTD                29.54
Added this month     60.8
Added YTD              70.3
Net 2016                 +40.76


  1. Glad you like my backside(s)....wonky or not!

  2. I thought the idea was to reduce the stash! LOL. I, too, love that as a longarmer, I get to quilt all the cool stuff I will never have time to make myself!

    And wish your hubby Happy ANZAC day, I've just returned from the dawn service. x

  3. I agree...I tell myself often how lucky I am to be in business involved in what I am passionate about!


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