I bought my first quilting machine, a Shortarm, in 1999.  So I've been at this a while.  My prices are neither the highest in the area, nor the lowest.  If there is any jargon here that you don't understand please get in touch with me.  There is no such thing as a dumb question - only dumb answers.

  • Measure your quilt in inches.  Multiply width x length, then divide by 144.  This is your SQUARE FEET measurement. You will need this number when you get to figuring out the cost of a quilting job.  As examples, a baby quilt will be around 14 square feet, and a queen size quilt will be around 56 square feet.  If your numbers are WAAAY different you should double-check your math.
  • Call or email to book a quilting spot.  Sometimes I'm booking one or two weeks from now, sometimes it's one or two months.  If you have a deadline contact me as soon as you can - I will pencil you in, even if that date is six months from now.  That also forces you to get busy and finish that top!
  • s.i.d. means Stitch In The Ditch.  That is a line of stitching right at the seam line.  It is pretty important for custom and semi-custom work.  It defines the blocks and the border and keeps things nice and crisp looking.  No one likes a wibbly seam.  :-)
  • If you hate shopping, I carry wide backing fabrics - see that 'page' on the blog.  I don't have a huge selection, but I try and keep some basics in stock.
  • I also carry batting, although you are perfectly welcome to bring your own.  Details of my usual stock are at the bottom of this page.  And yes, I DO need a separate room to keep all this stuff.
  • I do not have an extra setup fee.  But I do have a minimum charge of $50.00.  Don't expect me to quilt your table runner for $12.93 - it will be $50.00.
  • The first two solid colours of thread are included at no charge.  If there are more colours, add $5 each for anything over two.  There is also a surcharge for variegated threads based on the size of the quilt - $5 for under 25 sq. ft. or $10 for 25 sq. ft. and larger.
  • I need the backing AND the batting to be 6 - 8 inches wider and longer than your quilt top.  If you bring something smaller I may scold you.  Nicely, though.  I may also have to charge you extra to make the backing, at least, bigger.
  • If you have something half done, or you've inherited Granny's pile of w.i.p.s (work-in-progress), bring the stuff over and we'll talk.
  • I am happy to give you an estimate and throw around some ideas.  There is no charge for this.  I will not always be the best quilter for the job.  If I cannot do something, I will tell you.  More and more I am deciding that life is too short to make myself crazy.
  • I do not drink on the job, although I certainly drink.  If something has pushed me over the edge I will shut the machine off and go drink quietly.  Upstairs.

  • Edge-to-edge (pantograph) - This is one pattern that is quilted repeatedly across the whole quilt.  Think of bedspreads.  I have many patterns to choose from. Charged at $3.50 per square foot.  This is the usual option for baby quilts, throw quilts, donation quilts and very busy quilts.  HERE is a sample.  Minimum charge is $50.00.
  • Semi-custom - This is usually done similar to an edge-to-edge, EXCEPT your borders would be quilted along the seam with s.i.d., and those border(s) get a separate design quilted on them.  Charged at $5.50 per square foot.  HERE is a sample.  Minimum charge is $75.00.
  • Custom - This is for your special quilts.  Borders are s.i.d., blocks are s.i.d., and there is lots of fancy quilting going on.  Priced starting at $10.50 per square foot, depending on the quilt and the quilting plan.  If there is lots of very dense background quilting the price could be higher.  HERE is a sample.  Minimum charge $100.00.
Most people do their own binding, but sometimes they just don't want to.  And that's ok!
  • Machine stitched using the Bindall - $1.10 per foot if I use the precut stock I have on hand (min. $20.00), or $1.50 per foot if I use YOUR fabric (min $30.00) or $1.60 per foot if I use MY fabric (min $30.00).  If I use your fabric please do not cut this yourself.  I have very specific requirements and will do it myself. This is a great option for baby quilts or utility quilts.  HERE is a sample.
  • Half binding - I will make your binding and sew it to the front of the quilt for you.  Then you can trim the edges and do the hand sewing on the back.  $1.50 per foot, min. $30.00.  If I use MY fabric the price is $1.60 per foot, min $30.00.  If you make the binding and bring it for me to attach, cost is $0.90 per foot, min. $20.00.
  • Full service binding - I will do the half-binding priced as above.  The rest of the job (trimming and hand sewing) will be done for an additional charge @ $0.25 per linear inch.
  • If you have little holes in your seams (popped seams), AND if I see them, I will try to fix them.  If there is only one, or two, AND if they're kinda small, I just mutter and fix those at no charge.  If there are lots, I will be muttering and cursing.  Expect an additional fee to appear on your bill.  It might be $25, depending on the amount of time it takes me. Vodka is not cheap.
  • If you would like me to piece your backing together that will be $15.00 for a one-or-two-seam backing.  If there is more piecing involved it will be $20 or ++, depending.
  • If your steel tape measure somehow stretched (?) when you measured for your borders and the borders are now very, very ruffly, either you can fix that or I can do it.  I will charge $25 per hour.  It usually takes me about one hour to ADD a border to a quilt, so unstitching your borders will probably take that much time, too.  That will just give you an idea of what you might expect.
BATTING (and washing instructions)
All of my stock is either Hobbs or Quilters Dream brand.  If you want to avoid shrinkage completely, all of your fabrics need to have been prewashed.  Battings that contain cotton, wool, or other natural fibres can usually be presoaked to get that initial shrinkage out of the way before the quilt sandwich is assembled.
  • 80/20 - this is 80% cotton and 20% polyester.  Regular muslin colour, 96" wide, $0.50 per inch.  Machine wash & dry on gentle, but expect it to shrink a bit.
  • 80/20 dark - this is black batting for very dark quilts (for the Goths in your life!).  108" wide, $0.50 per inch.
  • 100% cotton, with scrim (scrim is a very thin layer of poly that holds the cotton together so it doesn't poke through your fabrics).  This is a bit thinner than the 80/20 blend which makes it a better choice for vintage quilts or summer-weight quilts.  96" wide, $0.50 per inch.  Machine wash & dry, but expect it to shrink.
  • Wool.  My personal favorite.  It is neither hot NOR scratchy.  Queen (90x108) $80.00.  Machine wash gentle, cold OR warm (not hot!), but keep the temp consistent to prevent felting.  Dry flat if you can, or line dry on a not-too-windy day.  A small amount of shrinkage should be expected.  If you put this in the dryer be prepared for the batting to felt.

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