Sunday, January 29, 2017

A couple pantos and ... what? More fabric?

This is a wonderfully cozy, flannel quilt.

Quilted with a holly panto - it should be ready in plenty of time for Christmas.

Ooh, a Sampler quilt in Blue & White.  Yum!

Quilted with a great feather-ey/paisley panto.

I should not be allowed to go on field trips to "help a friend" find fabric.  The only one who found fabric was me.  Not even one full month into the new year yet, either.  Perhaps I should pretend I was celebrating Chinese New Year?
The preponderance of red & white fabrics will help me with my 150 Canadian Women quilt

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bright Thread on Black Fabric & January Projects

I love the backs on both of these quilts...

Bright lime green on a black/deep purple backing fabric.

Bright harvest gold on a solid black backing.


  • Master bedroom painted. Check.  Next up on the list will be the new window treatments, starting with Roman Blinds (hopefully will start tomorrow?)
  • I'm attempting to put together a portfolio of quilts.  All quilts have been dragged out, lightly spritzed, and then rolled into tubes on the diagonal in an attempt to remove the fold lines so they can be photographed.  The photos need to be taken outside on an overcast day.  The Universe has gotten carried away with the 'overcast' thing.  If this stupid FOG doesn't go away soon ...  Well, in addition to me not being able to take photos, we are all going to start getting a bit moldy.
  • As a member of the Program Committee for the Caledonia guild I've been trying to organize a sewing event for our March meeting when we can work on outreach quilts.  I bribed a friend with dinner, so she agreed to come help me sort out the guild collection of blocks (hokey smokey!!  There were TONS of them!).  Last night we kitted up six bags with a plan.  Two tops are already almost completely finished from last year, they just need a couple more rows and/or a border.  Four bags require assembly, but have plans enclosed.  There is another group of blocks that will make a nice sampler quilt that I hope to prep.  Additionally, we bagged two future projects that need a bit more planning, and there is still a bag with lonesome blocks that need sorting.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Storyteller Quilt and "business casual" fashion advice

Here is a Block of the Month from Connecting Threads:  "The Storyteller".

The central medallion gave me some challenges as far as quilting designs, but I think it turned out well.

Six borders.  Yah.

Gorgeous back.

This is the only way you can see the Celtic Braid design in the outer border.

This does not qualify.  My advice, if you are expecting customers, is to NOT dress like this.  I was painting the bedroom.  That took me longer than I anticipated, and the customers arrived earlier than anticipated, so, you know... I look bad.
Speaking of painting; I really miss the days when I could go up and down the ladder a million times, then crawl around on the hard floor for hours, and STILL have energy to go out and party all night with friends.  These days when I'm finished I need help to crawl down the five stairs to the kitchen so I can open the aspirin bottle.  Afterwards, someone needs to tip me over into a hot bath with epsom salts.  sigh.

Monday, January 9, 2017

9-Patch Beauty & Meryl Streep

The simple 9-Patch block in pastels.  This is such a pretty effect.

The quilting request was to enhance the diamond shapes, and quilt feathers.

That shell feather border is so pretty.

The backing was a nice muted fabric that shows the quilting beautifully.

Last night, I decided to watch the Golden Globe awards.  Normally, I don't watch award shows.  Hubby was glued to the football games, so I figured I could escape upstairs, keep one eye on the tv and the other eye on the weekend Sudoku puzzle.  Lots of pretty clothes, and lots of nice speeches.  I have no idea why Sylvester Stallone's daughters were featured... can anyone tell me?

Anyhow... Meryl Streep was honoured with the Cecil B. Demille award.  Did you see her speech???  She made me cry (and she commented on how great Canadians are 💗).  If you missed it, here is a link to a Youtube video of her speech.  Or, here is a link to a NY Times article with the story of her speech and Donald Trump's response.  Warning:  My Personal Opinion ... he is such an asshole.  Donald Trump, I mean.  I hope he does make America great again, but I think the personal cost to the citizens of the USA will be high.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

I am starting off 2017 with a clean kitchen floor, new coffee cups, and a Sewing Marathon Day with some friends both near and far.
What are you up to for the first day of a BRAND NEW YEAR?