Saturday, April 18, 2009

Post Easter (Easter Post?)

My hope is that the torture machine will make up for the dessert. We went to my brother's for dinner and I brought dessert.
Everyone ate too much, so I had to bring dessert home. And eat most of it.

I'm sooo glad someone invented frozen pastry for purchase at the grocery store.

Blueberry Strata Pie
  • First Layer - Pastry
  • Second Layer - cream cheese, sugar, crushed pineapple
  • Third Layer - Blueberry pie filling with slightly thickened pineapple juice
  • Fourth Layer - Whipped Cream & Sugar
  • Garnish - pineapple bits and cinnamon dusting
This post should have been posted days ago, but Mom landed in the hospital again. This time it's a gallstone lodged in the pancreas, causing Acute Pancreatitis. She was very sick, the doctors were preparing us for a 'mortality'. The gallstone has since moved and the drugs have cleared up the infection. The plan is they will send a scope down her throat and check out the pancreas, gall bladder and liver. I am leaving on a bus trip to Paducah tomorrow, so my brother and sister will be looking after things with Mom while I'm away. And the (convenient) fluke is, my cellphone does not work in the USA.

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