Sunday, September 27, 2015

of Braids and Bread

I am probably the only quilter on the planet who has NOT made a braid quilt.  I just love 'em, though, and one of these IS on my to-do list.

When the maker and I were discussing the quilting, she decided on NON-feather designs. The border design was the idea-maker for the design I placed in all the 'braid' pieces.

I drafted that braid pattern in the IQ all by myself.  (ouch - sore shoulder from patting my own back) And it's continuous.

Now that AUTUMN is officially here, it was time to start the bread-making season off right.  This is Herb & Cheddar bread.  Loaf #1 was gone on day #1.  Do ya wonder why my clothes all look just a little bit tight by March?
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