Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finished quilts & Caledonia Guild meeting

Janet (behind) and Charlotte with her finished baby quilt.

Candace, our newest guild member. She's working on a very interesting method of paper piecing.

Hanna (left) working on a quilt for her daughter and Anne working on her mystery quilt.

Susan is working on log cabin blocks and her mom Colleen is doing... I dunno???

Here is a mostly full view of the nephew's jelly roll quilt top, before quilting.

Here is a nice shot of the quilting. I'm part way through the binding, so the edge may look a little funny.

And next is the quilt from hell. Only so named because the strips are cut 1 1/4" and finish 3/4". Much too skinny (to my liking) for a queen size quilt. I like my projects to be FAST. The pattern is by Mary Anne Charlton who is a longarm-ing buddy of mine. I know that she has made several of these quilts - much more patience than I have. Now to find a few days to quilt this puppy! And find a new NICER name for it, of course. I want the really thin cotton batt by Quilter's Dream for this one.

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  1. Helen I love the jelly roll quilt. It looks like a fun one!



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