Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dirty Dogs and Dinner Out With the Girls

Jane, Teresa, (me), and Jean have been getting together for dinner several times a year, for many years now. We met during our various employments at 'the bank'. We celebrate birthdays with very elaborate gifts such as pasta spice mix (which was really good, Jane!), kleenex, fridge magnets, and lottery tickets. One year we seemed to get on a kick where we were always getting each other personal cleaning products like soap or hand sanitizer stuff. That kinda made me wonder if we all had some odour problem?? I hope we remain friends until we're ready for our dirt sandwich. OK, enough emoting. (But really, I love you gals!)

We went to the Pearl Street Cafe in Burlington for dinner. The proprietor there is such a card (!) he adds greatly to our evening. And the Oat Nut Cake with Carmel Sauce is sooo gooood. It comes with a spoon so you don't waste any of the sauce.
Here's my dirty dog with matted ears and eyes that are under-there-somewhere. $65.00 later, she's clean & trimmed up like a plush carpet. She's gonna have to get a job if her beauty parlour gets any more expensive. Ooo, I know... she could work for a landscaper, digging up shrubs and then eating the evidence! She's very good at that.

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