Friday, June 27, 2008

Customer quilt, UFO update & weather prediction

Here is a very pretty vintage looking quilt I finished earlier this week.

I was honestly shocked the other day when I did the UFO count. I spent Tuesday evening restarting the Old Dresden Plate quilt. I bought the plates from a customer whose m.i.l. had made 40 blocks, in various states of completion. I made a twin sized quilt from that for her m.i.l.'s 90th birthday, and sent home the leftovers for someone in her family to finish. Well, no one wanted them so she let me purchase the leftovers from her. That was a few years ago, and I have all the plates appliqued to background fabric - they just need the centers done. So, on Tuesday I found fabric and cut the circles and have 5 blocks DONE. I will take a few more to Mom's with me today. My UFO committment for this weekend is to FINISH THE GROCERY BAGS. They are all done, I think, except for serging the inside seams. I started them a year ago, for heaven's sake!

As for the weather prediction: hubby is starting two weeks vacation today. Go ahead and plant those shrubs - we're in for two weeks of rain! I could actually rent him out during drought - just send him 'wherever' on vacation and you're guaranteed SEVERAL days of rain.

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