Thursday, June 5, 2008

Red Hats & Quilters

My Red Hat group went to a Murder Mystery dinner hosted by the Stoney Creek Quilters' Guild last night. OMG, talk about silliness and fun!

Alberto is pretty much a snake oil salesman. We (the audience) are there to film an infomercial about his company.
Here is Sue, giving Alberto feedback on his nutritious meal plan.

Alberto was waxing eloquent about Christine's need for a MAN who knew how to touch a woman. That's Irene on the left, in her alter-ego disguise as Liza. Alberto and crew belong to It's a Mystery to Me Mystery Dinner Theatre.

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  1. Yes I heard it was a blast, and you the RED HAT HOTTIE was a little touchy feely with the fraudulent Alfredo....and I also heard that the grapevine is planning to let your hubby know about your questionable after hour happenings..

    Great evening it was...I love your blog ....Irene


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