Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coconut Milk Smoothie

Thursday night I made Thai Red Curry Chicken (with sweet peppers) served over brown rice. I had half a can of coconut milk left. Today I made smoothies with the leftover coconut milk.
  • find blender
  • blender hasn't been used in so long it has dead bugs in it
  • wash blender
  • tea towel to dry blender has been used by someone (!) (it appears) to scrub the kitchen floor
  • get clean tea towel and dry the blender
  • try to figure out how to put blender parts back together so the final product does not leak out the bottom
  • get 'ripe' bananas and figure out which ones are fuzzy (probably inedible, I'm thinking) and only use non-poisonous bananas
  • don't have plain yogurt - use vanilla yogurt
  • vanilla yogurt has been open for at least 3 weeks and is a week past it's due date (risky, poisonous?)
  • pitch first vanilla yogurt container (ok, really I mean RECYCLE container), open a fresh one
  • look in freezer for frozen blueberries - HURRAH - FINALLY AN INSTRUCTION I DON'T HAVE AN ISSUE WITH
  • make with Swarm o Bees honey from our wonderful neighbours
  • yum, yum, yum - very good product in the end and well worth the half hour it took
Coconut Milk Smoothie
(ok, Real Simple is the name of the company - not a descriptive of my method of making smoothies, as you can tell)
1 10-ounce bag frozen blueberries or other fruit
3 ripe bananas
1 cup plain yogurt
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
2 tablespoons honey

In a blender, puree the blueberries, bananas, yogurt, coconut milk, and honey. Serve.

Yield: Makes 4 servings

CALORIES 300(41% from fat); FAT 15g (sat 12g); CHOLESTEROL 10mg; CARBOHYDRATE 43g; SODIUM 40mg; PROTEIN 5g; FIBER 3g; SUGAR 28g

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