Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mom's Embroidered Quilt

As promised, here is a photo of Mom's quilt. It was a bed sheet she embroidered as a young girl, back in the 30's. She put it away in her cedar chest and showed it to me for the first time in 2000. I snitched it, washed it, and had it hand quilted by the Binbrook guild. As a guild member, I even put a few stitches in it myself (normally I run far, far away from hand quilting). Mom is almost 88 now and getting dotty with alzheimers. I spent yesterday with her at the hospital going through the pre-op interviews & blood tests - she needs to have 11 teeth extracted. Just the thought makes me cringe!!! Because of her advanced age and long term heart troubles the oral surgeon wants her in the hospital and NOT in his office for the procedure.

Today is the Caledonia Quilt Guild day. We start in the morning and everyone gets to choose their own version of morning (mine is usually 11-ish). Whoever comes for the day brings their sewing stuff and we sew all day, then normally have a catered supper. With this being June we will have our end-of-season pot luck supper at 6:30. Our meetings normally start at 7:30 in the evening. Tonight will be all about food, then show & share and our usual draws and exchanges. I am bringing the nephew's jelly roll quilt (which is finished - YIPPEE!!!) for binding, and the quilt-with-the-bad-name for the inner borders. My pot luck is buttermilk brownies. mmmm......

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