Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the Teapot and other stuff

Here is the teapot I painted on Red Hat day.  Honestly - no 6-year-old could have done better.  And it makes a fine cup of tea.

I'm getting ready to head off to Margaret's for a long weekend retreat.  I've cut up more scraps - this time it's yellows and greens.  I still have a couple of UFO's that I should be working on, and I will (!) take one with me, but I have an itch to start something new.

I made a pillowcase to hold the quilt that has gone to Quilts of Valour.  Now I can take another meter off my stash report. Gotta love cheater fabric.
Gardening season is upon us.  Yay!!  Dandelions and grass galore in my flower beds.  The friggin' rabbit is eating my bridal wreath spireas right down to the ground.  Little bastard. My nose is running from adult-onset-allergies, so badly that I just want to stuff a couple of tampons in my nostrils.  But it's warm and my fingernails are dirty.

This afternoon I will be making a ...

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  1. love the tea pot....can't wait to use it...Karen


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