Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tumbler in 30's prints and Stash Report

Finally the Tumbler quilt in 30's prints is finished.

This was majorly (is that a word?) delayed when I broke my wrist in January.  I had the quilting finished, but I was working on the binding.  You need an opposable thumb to do hand stitching.
The yellow bands are quilted with a cute strawberry design.  The tumbler pieces were cut using my Accuquilt Studio Cutter (referred to as JAWS around here).  Click the JAWS tab at the top of the page if you're curious about renting some time to cut your own.

The borders are scalloped, using the quilting design to divide and mark.  Scalloped borders take FOREVER to bind.  The binding is skinny - finished at 1/4".

This morning I came down to see what 5 1/2 hours of stitch-in-the-ditch looks like, and to continue on for several more hours.  This is going to be a beauty.  And my massage therapist will be glad to see me next week to unkink my back.
Used this month  26.55 m
Used YTD          38.35 m
Added this month  21 m (I bought a bolt of black broadcloth and a bolt of grey - staples for the larder, ha ha)
Added YTD          24 m
Net 2013              - 14.35 m

I didn't really use all that fabric in May, but I don't count stuff as off-the-shelf until the quilt is finished.  This tally includes the tumbler quilt, and the three donation quilts that I worked on earlier this month.  I'll post pics later...

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