Monday, May 13, 2013

Lord Love a Duck !!! And the first GARDEN post of the season

I try to do some charitable things because I feel pretty blessed most of the time. 
  • I have a roof over my head, which does not leak.  
  • I have 4 working limbs, except for the odd few months when pieces of me are in a cast.
  • I have a fridge full of food.  
  • I have a husband who gives me foot rubs.
  • My dog usually comes when I ask.  
Like a lot of people (surely I am not the only one?) I am hoping that my little pay-forward will count in my favour when the final tally is taken.
Here is one of the little quilts I made at Margaret's, quilted with a nice fluffy flannel backing.  This is destined for the local cancer treatment center.

Wait!!!  Heavens to Betsy!!!  What is this bump?

Pfft.  I can be such an idiot.  I'm glad mom taught me to laugh at myself.  I inadvertently added a little extra, um, stuffing to the quilt.  This is a piece of my Red Snappers that are used to attach the quilt top and backing fabrics to the leaders.  Someone (?) was obviously not paying attention.

Yeah, ah, thanks Mother Nature.  I loved the hot & sunny last week.  Do we really need snow & frost warnings this week?  Hmm?  This is my red-neck version of frost protection for my asparagus.  I harvested 4 spears on Saturday.  GO ME!!!

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