Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pineapple Quilt and Dust

What a great use for 'braid' piecing.

The pineapples were treated to s.i.d. both outside and inside.

Border treatments, x-hatching, and a motif in the background squares rounded out the quilting.  I premarked the x-hatching with blue washout marker before loading the quilt.

The backs always look so great.

Do you have a piece of furniture that acts as your 'dusting barometer'?  We were having company for dinner, and when I removed the tea cozy that had been sitting on the dining room table for... um, I'm not sure how long, it had apparently been quite a while since I had dusted.

Now, this looks so much nicer.  And let me tell you - those lilacs smell awesome.  And awesome is a word that I don't use.  There are not too many things that inspire 'awe' but every time I get within 15 feet of this bouquet I stop and take a big sniff.  Joy.  Maybe the word should be joysome.
Today I'm nursing a bit of a sore back.  This past weekend (May two-four: planting permission weekend) I emptied out the compost bin.  The nice, finished stuff from the bottom of the bin went in a bucket and is destined for my flower containers.  Everything else, including what just got dropped INTO the compost bin, was shoveled on the east part of the veggie bed and DH tilled it in.  Feed the worms.  Love my worms  :-)  The gruesome part of shoveling out the bin is the nests I always manage to disturb.  This time it was mice.  Twenty little mice along with their mommy and daddy went running for the hills, which really means they are now living in my phlox.  Last year I dug up a nest of bumble bees.  That time it was ME that went running for the hills.  Yesterday was plant-up-a-lot-of-the-garden day.  In went:  Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, beans, carrots, beets, spinach, zinnias.  I've already transplanted a bunch of volunteer garlic, lettuce and cilantro.  Hopefully I'll be harvesting lettuce in the next couple of weeks.  Over the next few days I will get in the seeds for butternut squash, cucumbers, and of course zucchini (heh, heh, heh).


  1. Nice idea for a pineapple quilt. I too brought in some lilacs and they are so fragrant. Picked some lily of the valley too. Love those two plants. Glad to see you covered up the table. You did dust first - right?

    1. Ha ha ha - yes I dusted first. But it took me a while!!!

  2. I love the pineapple quilt. I made one pineapple many years ago. maybe I need to pull that project out and have another look at it.

    As for the composter, we had a pair of muskrat living in ours one year. They chewed a huge hole in the side to get in. Another day I discovered a shed snake skin right on top of the compost. We live in a city!!!


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