Friday, May 3, 2013

the Irish Quilt

This pretty Irish quilt was made by the gal who was supposed to come with me to Margaret's for our weekend retreat.

There are a few different swaps involved in this - green 9-patches, green Birthday Club blocks, and an Irish tinner swap.  Then she added the lovely shamrock applique in the border.

Did you notice that I said she was supposed to come with me?  Well, yeah.  She's sick.  So she may be on  her couch, cuddled up under this.  With the shamrocks & leprechaun hats.

Now, as for me... you would think that poking yourself HARD enough to make this happen might be something you would remember.  Umm, ... nope.  So today I get to wander around the Vittoria Quilt Show with a shiner.  Then tomorrow I can wander around the Peterborough Quilt Show with a shiner.  Yay.

Anyhow, I'm off.

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  1. Your shiner must have been camouflaged because I didn't see anyone with one at the Peterborough show! :)


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