Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday in the Kawarthas

So far, the weekend at Margaret's has been wonderful.  Friday night we had pesto chicken over red quinoa with squash on the side, and dessert of chocolate cake & ice cream.  Then I pieced the duck strippie.

Saturday we had french toast for breakfast.  That fueled us up for the Kawartha Quiltmakers' Guild quilt show.  Supper was salmon with roasted potato wedges and asparagus, followed by chocolate cake & ice cream (again??).  Then I pieced the brown/peach strippie.
Sunday morning we served up oat pancakes with salted maple cream, and finished the chicken leftovers for lunch.  My green & yellow blocks have been pieced in between meals.  I'm taking a wee break to have a cooler on the deck, whilst cursing my poor decision to NOT pack shorts,  Stupid. 

At the quilt show I bought a cheap, used book in the Member's Boutique about tailoring secrets.  This got us into a long reminisce about the clothing we used to make, before we got into quilting.  I'd have to look pretty deep into the closet to find anything left from those days.

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