Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loon Quilt from Shop Hop

What an interesting quilt from a shop hop.  Usually they are all patchwork, not applique.  And this is what I would call challenging applique, with all those skinny cutout areas inside the loons.  This was beautifully pieced - lovely and flat.

There were some odd areas with wider border spaces - I filled those with continuous frogs.  Click on the photo for a larger pic.  The narrower grey borders and the navy sashing were quilted with a wave design.

The applique was s.i.d. (well, actually everything was s.i.d.) with background quilting of water, grass, and the odd dragonfly.

Am I not an awesome baker?  Isn't this a beauty?  Nice way to spend a little time on a cold, rainy afternoon when I could not take the time off to go to the guild sewing day.  It was either BAKE something or stain the quilt I was working on with my crocodile tears (pout pout).  The filling is cream cheese and peach marmalade.  Ooh sweet - tart - mouthwatering goodness...  When I made one of these after my return from Bali half of the braid split apart - looked like something from a sci-fi movie.  But this one is real purty.

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  1. Your loaf of bread looks wonderful and sounds even better!


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