Sunday, April 14, 2013

16-patch & snowball and Beach Girls

This is such a simple but effective design for a quilt.  One snowball block and one 16-patch block.

The snowball block is a beautiful spot for a pretty quilt design.  I love, love, love working with bright colours, especially in the winter-that-won't-end.

Continuous hearts in the border tie in with the snowball's quilting motif.  The outer border is hidden behind the binding (which was attached using the longarm), but it was quilted with continuous stars - see the pic of the backing.

The 16-p blocks were crosshatched.  Looks great on the back, eh?
This week I was going to rant about RBC and their abominable behaviour towards some of their IT employees, but Gord Nixon has already had to publicly eat crow.  If you've been living under a rock, click here for the story.  If he's so concerned about saving the bank some money, perhaps he should return some of his $12,600,000.00 pay from last year.  No - I have not accidentally stuck too many zeros in that number.  Obscene.  No one works that hard.  Except maybe Mother Nature.

Instead, I am going to bitch about the weather.  Fer cryin' out loud!!!!  I had a date with my Beach Girls (the longarm crew) to meet in Exeter on Thursday at the Heritage Quilt Exhibit.  But oh, no - Mother Nature (see above paragraph) decided to wallop us with a freezing rain & ice pellets storm.  These are the same gals who came here for winter beach day back in February, when we had to emergency-reschedule-one-day-early to avoid another storm.  Poor Carol Anne lives in Markdale and could not make it to either event.  I'm going to make a poster-board of her that we can bring along with us when she's missing.

Anyhow... we rescheduled and had our get-together on Friday instead.  There was still plenty of ice around, and broken tree limbs littered the ground.

The show was wonderful but they had some RULES about photography, so I have nothing to show you.  After the show we went down the street to Quilts 'n Calicos, which is having a closing-out sale - 40% off as long as you purchase minimum 1m. cuts.  Karen has a new SUV and drove us the 2 1/2 blocks to the shop, but since she only picked up her wheels the previous night she hadn't had time to read the manual.  So she inadvertently locked us in the back seat with the kid-proof back door locks.  Trapped.  And a fabric sale just outside the windows.  Shee-ite!!!  She pressed every button and turned every knob she could find but we were not opening those doors.  I had a momentary vision nightmare of us having to climb over the seats to get out through either the front doors or the back hatch. The eventual solution was for mommy to get out and open the door from the outside.  Pfft.  Poor kids these days, can't even make a quick escape.

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