Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh, My Stars and Jet Lag

The quilt that had to sit 'on hold' for a week while I was in Bali is finished.
The pattern is Oh, My Stars by American Jane (AJP 255).

What a beautiful job the piecer did.  All the fabrics came from her stash.
Whenever I try to make any Lone Star type blocks they end up with a pronounced D-cup in the middle.  These were all beautiful and flat.

Ooh - love the back!!
Coming back from Bali left me with 12 hour jet lag to get over.  I checked on Facebook to see if I could update my status to Calamity Jane, but no, there's no such status.
So far I have:
  • dumped the dog's kibble into her water dish (which was full of water)
  • made a lovely breakfast pastry that looked like it was run through the washing machine
  • made a pizza for supper but the dough did not rise one little bit, so we darn near wore our jaws out eating it
  • broke the handle on my FAVORITE tea pot
  • twisted my ankle when the neighbour's farm dog came after us on our walk
I am hoping this will be a more...uncomplicated week.


  1. This is a gorgeous quilt with beautiful quilting!

  2. Beautiful quilting choices Helen! It looks absolutely lovely!

  3. The quilt is really quite striking.....your quilting compliments it wonderfully!

  4. Both the piecer and the quilter did a fabulous job on it. The gal that pieced it does phenomenal work as does the long arm quilter. Love it.


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