Monday, June 22, 2009

Here comes the bride....

Here we are: all nice & married. No, not me. Well, yes, I am, but this is not a picture of me. It's our nephew and his wife. As you can see, I am STILL a bad photographer. The rain quit for most of the wedding - we were dancing in the rain for a little while but it was just a drizzle.

Lincoln (in the tux) and Brooklyn (with the pretty necklace) came too. One of them barked in the affirmative when Luke said "I do". They probably thought he was slurring (after all, there WAS lots of champagne) and really said "Hey, NO, bad dog!!!"

I had a hangover the size of Texas on Sunday. I spent most of the day on the patio reading a book, getting a sunburn. Now I'm in self imposed rehab, giving my liver a few days off. I was very well behaved at the wedding. But there is always ONE person who is not, so there was lots of puke that needed to be cleaned up. Oddly enough, no one ended up in the pond? I had a bet going with Betty - she was certain there would be a dunk before midnight while I thought it would be after twelve. We were both wrong.

My new little possession for the next two years. From the Binbrook guild. Hah!! I get to be the boss.

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  1. Congratulations on becoming the boss. As for the hangover and recovery, been there, done that. Hope you feel better by now. As my hubby has told me in the past "You are your own LCBO" (Liquor Control Board of Ontario for all you non-Ontarians.)


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