Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can it be??? Three UFO's complete???

Heh, heh, heh. The UFO's are getting knocked off one, two, three. See my list in the sidebar? Can you hear the wicked witch of the west screaming "I'm shrinking, auugghhhhh!!!!"

Dirty Dozen, finished. Including the 70-some yo-yo's. What was I thinking????

Bluework boys, finished. Well, almost. This just needs binding, and on the bindall it should be quick.

The Quilt From Hell, finished. I almost wore out my Janet Lee's Favorite on this. (sorry - lingo - that's a longarm ruler)

Binding in progress, then a label. This is actually called Sarah Christianne and it's a pattern by my friend Mary Anne Charlton.

It is a replica of a quilt made by her mom and has been very popular in the Strathroy/London area.

This morning I took mom downstairs at 'the home' to see the foot guy. He cuts her nails & files down corns and all that FUN foot stuff. (And it's true - he really does teach ballroom dancing on the side.) But that was not the point of this story. My car turned 190,000 km on my way home and I actually SAW the odometer turn over. Usually I see milestones like this about 3 km later. Then I say "DARN, I MISSED IT!!!" But this time I actually saw it. Cool, eh? Yes I know, small things amuse small minds.


  1. Congratulations. It is a wonderful feeling to finish an UFO, but to finish 3 is outstanding.

    All are beautiful. The first quilt, the one with a look like cards laid out on a table, is a design I'm not familiar with. What is the pattern? It looks like a fun design that I'd be interested in trying.


  2. I absolutely love the Quilt from Hell aka Sarah Christianne. Is there a pattern or some instructions for making it? I am overwhelmed by my strip collection at the moment.

  3. Gosh, I really love the Quilt From Hell!


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