Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anatomy of a Thought

Here is my current WIP: Sue's Sunbonnet Sue. Do not attempt to say that with too many martinis under your belt.

Home Movies In Your Head
Last week I had dinner with Jean, Jane & Teresa. We've been doing this several times a year for (OMG) 15 years or so??? We are usually celebrating a birthday or two and usually have silly small gifts for each other. On this occasion Jean got each of us a Burt's Bees Hair Care Kit. Jane, normally pretty circumspect (I mean, she was wearing two strands of pearls, for goodness sake!), put the shower cap on in the restaurant to demonstrate it's use to Teresa.
This morning I opened up the hair care package and was reading about the conditioner. You must shampoo it out with a natural shampoo containing NO sodium laurel sulphate. So I thought about my Orvus Paste which is down in the basement, which I use for washing quilts. Too far to go so early in the morning, so I've put off using the conditioner for another day. Anyways... this brought to mind organics and recycling. This brought to mind Jean (who had gifted us with the BB conditioner stuff) and our old days together in the Bank. And the video she made about recycling. This was some kind of a corporate competition, if I recall, where companies could make a video to promote recycling. Jean thought this was a DANDY idea, so she and Ron Brandow, with me as the useless assistant, made this funky video showing people how they could Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. One part of the video was scripted to be Jean in her car in the parking lot, noticing trash flying across the pavement. She is supposed to stop the car, get out and pick up the garbage. The actual video showed Jean pulling into the lot, seeing the flying papers and parking her car. She gets out to pick up the garbage. Unfortunately, her car was not exactly in PARK and started rolling away. She had to go running after the car, while not dropping the garbage. I was upstairs in the bathroom this morning laughing at the memory. See? Home Movies in Your Head.

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