Sunday, June 14, 2009

Broken Stuff

Where, oh where have I been all week?

Here is how I marked the wavy border on my Paducah Challenge quilt. Mark it first, then quilt it, then trim it to the wave shape.

More digging in the garden. The chives are finally all out. But never fear!! I still have lots and lots around the yard and in the farmer's field. Timmy Toad was helping.

We had the yummy 5 can soup with a loaf of bread. Unfortunately the bread maker quit part way through it's job. I had to knead this stuff the old fashioned way... by hand. Imagine!

What else has broken this week?
  1. my car
  2. two weed whackers
  3. the effluent pump in the basement
  4. Floyd had to be retimed because he would not pick up any stitches
  5. my garden fork which I use to dig everything. DH has now welded it three times.

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