Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue & Machine Repair

Poor Floyd. I was working on Sue's Sunbonnet Sue, getting more and more skipped stitches. DH would retime Floyd and he'd work fine for a while. Then more skipped stitches. More timing, more skipped stitches. I finally called in the 'professional' - Ricardo. It looks like they were teaching Floyd yoga - Downward Facing Dog. After the bushings were tightened up he seems to be running pretty well. Time will tell. Cost: $85 cash and one beer.

SBS turned out (eventually) really pretty. But with the Floyd problem, and the huge hole I tore in my shirt while working on her, I've named the quilt Dominatrix Sue.

This is a President's Quilt - all the blocks were made for Sue by members of the Binbrook Guild. I just love this one with the beating stick... I mean the gavel.

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