Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What to do at 5 am?

On Monday I had one of those mornings when the clock (for some reason), was reading 4 am when I woke up. Don't you feel like you're in a time warp when that happens? I knew that was too early to get up so I lay in bed for another hour. At 5 I gave in to the brain and got out of bed. Silently tip-toed down to my workroom. Decided I just HAD TO START A PROJECT. Geez, I need my head read.

Anyhow - this is it - the new messenger bag which I will take on my Asia trip. It should be roomy enough for all my assorted currencies (yens, bhats, Singapore dollars, Canadian dollars, American travellers cheques). And plenty of room left over for my language translators, city tour/information books, currency converter calculator. And, oh yea, lipstick and hand sanitizer and maybe a water bottle or two.
Outside fabrics - all nice 'sophisticated' blacks & browns. Not really my style, so....

Inside fabrics - dog cartoons, red flowers and lime green bead chain fabrics. Much more the 'real me'.

Remember me showing you the 'challenging' quilt I had to quilt? Well, I've finished that.
It turned out incredibly well, considering the shirred sashing and the ruffled borders.

But I also had a really pretty one to work on. Itsy bitsy piecing - it started as an Oh My Gosh quilt.

I also quilted up a Quilt of Valour for one of our guild members. I'm very sorry to say I've been advised that the program is looking for quilts NOW, so I think mine will be sent off this week.

And I've named my new personal assistant Threddy Krueger. The p.a. is definitely male - when I tell it to clean it grumbles and squawks, then stumbles around for a minute before it gets started.
Sadie was circling the enemy - she does not like vacuum cleaners AT ALL.


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