Friday, January 2, 2009

Messenger Bag finished!

I'm working away like a mad dervish here. I leave in less than two weeks (gaaaa!!!!!) I'm so excited!!!!! CAN YOU TELL????

I closed out 2008 by quilting this not-too-big quilt from a class I taught last year.

Then I took New Years Day for me. Me me me. Me. We (geez, do you see how easy it is to fall off the 'ME' wagon?) started cleaning out the office (shovelling is more like it). We seem to have gotten stalled on my husband's old paperwork. Now I'm at the hurry-up-and-wait part while he finishes going through all that sh....

I got tired of being the insert the paper in the shredder girl after I realized this was going to be a very loooong operation.
I snuck out to my workroom and spent the rest of the day making my Messenger Bag. Zippers and pockets too many to count!

When I could drag myself away from petting my new bag I finished another quilt from the class I taught in the fall. This student is very very accurate in all her patchwork. Working on her quilts is a pleasure. It was convenient that both customers wanted the same pantograph pattern for their quilts.


  1. Love your bag. Hope you have a great trip. Hubby is heading to Thailand in March. (Oh the fabric!!)I am sure you will come home with way more weight in that luggage than when you
    Your quilting looks great as always. Just set up my B-line so now can start learning.
    Judi B

  2. Helen I just love the bag!!!Ya your right, the inside is way more your colours. Is there enought room in those inside pockets to stuff me into??? lol


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