Thursday, January 15, 2009

My last post for three weeks

I need to be up in three hours. The airport limo will be picking Doris & I up at 5 am - OMG. There is not enough coffee in the world to sustain me......
I will certainly miss Miss Snow Cone. And Mr. Slippers. But just think - three whole weeks and I won't hear a single snow plow!

I am sure not a world traveller. I've paid all the bills and called BOTH visa card banks to warn them about smoking cards. I've spent the last two days photocopying documents and writing out addresses, phone numbers and flight information. Put the cash & travellers cheques here. No, put them in this pocket. Umm, maybe in this zipper pocket. Or should I put some in the carry-on bag? Oy, yoy, yoy.

This was the last quilt I had on my work schedule until mid February. Very striking, don't you think?

But what will I find in Asia???? See you all in three weeks!

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