Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back from Asia - Tokyo Quilt Show

We returned from our Tokyo/Bangkok/Singapore trip at midnight Saturday. I'm still suffering some jet lag - I was up at 4 am today.

The quilts at the show were F A B U L O U S. We spent two days there. They don't sell a multi-day pass like most North American quilt shows, so we had to pay the full freight each day to enter, and that was about $22 cdn. Our hotel in Tokyo was very close to the train system (similar to our GO Trains in Toronto area) but on a much more complex scale than Toronto. So Doris & I learned all about the Tokyo trains.

As far as the quilting style in Japan, they love yo-yos, log cabin, Grandmothers Flower Garden, applique, and hand quilting. They love to applique these tiny circles all over their quilts - I shudder just to think about that. There was also a lot of whimsical/fantasy themed quilts, and a lot of embroidery. OMG, the purse handles available at the show would boggle your mind. I didn't know where to start? I only brought two sets home with me - one set is hard, made from wood. The other set is leather.

I thought I'd start back on my blog with some photos of the PURSES at the Quilt Show in Tokyo. There were tons more - I only photo'd the ones that really caught my eye. The work on these is very intricate. Sometimes you have to stare and stare to see the detail that has gone into the piece. Notice beading, embroidery, teensy prairie points and exquisite hand quilting. Enjoy...

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