Wednesday, February 18, 2009

vacation story

Part of my vacation was spent in Singapore visiting my niece, who teaches grade 3. Doris and I volunteered to spend a morning with her kids and make postcards with them.

I don't have children. And I was the baby of the family. And I never babysat, so I'm very intimidated by kids (there is a really good horror movie stored in my brain somewhere). The kids were pretty good, although there was this one boy who had a zillion questions and did NOT like my answers. He was making me very tense but my niece saved me by making him start looking for pictures for his card. whew. Doris was a great help because she has LOTS of experience with kids. Here is the before and after of our little class.

My niece also wanted us to have an ADVENTURE while we were in Singapore, so she took us for a foot reflexology session. The trick part of that little spa session was the 20 minutes with the fish that eat the dead skin off your feet first. Can you say "eeuuuwwww!!!!". We did - trust me.
Interested??? Sentosa Island

Mostly we were out for lunch and supper, but one day Doris and I decided to cook our lunch at the apartment. Scrambled eggs and toast - excellent idea! Hmm, can't seem to get the stove to work?

Me: " Um, Doris, have you ever cooked eggs in the microwave?"
Doris: "No."

Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave
Instructions: 2 eggs mixed up in a small bowl. Cook 20 secs, stir, 20 secs, stir, 10 secs, stir, let stand. File this away in your brain - you never know when you'll need the information.

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