Friday, February 27, 2009

Thread-tales of Woe & my Birthday

Did you know that when you spill your morning bowl of oatmeal it looks just like throw-up? But it saves a few calories, so you can have a piece of... Birthday Cake! happy birthday to meee... We usually have a winter storm around my birthday, but today it's raining (raining in February???). The cold front will move in this afternoon, so we will miss all the snow. It will turn to ICE instead.

My birthday plans are:
  1. sleep in (nope- dh was making way too much noise for that)
  2. take a nice girly bath this morning instead of my usual hurry-up shower
  3. call Mom and tell her it's my birthday so she can sing to me
  4. call a nice restaurant so dh can take me out for supper
  5. Maybe take an afternoon nap, since #1 was a bust
I was doing a brain puzzle on the internet last night. You have to match the animal sound to the correct picture of the animal. Apparently I have NO idea what a deer sounds like - I kept picking a bird picture. What were these people thinking? Who talks to deer? Couldn't they stick to cats & dogs? If I keep at the game, maybe I will learn - ya think?

Have I mentioned that I love bright quilts? This is a beauty - the small version. There was a matching large version.

I also love scrappy quilts.

Floyd is habitually a GREAT quilting machine. But about once a year he has a case of PMS (pick my stitches). What takes 10 minutes to stitch takes about an hour to pick out. I had one earplug in because I'd been working with my ear next to the motor (can you say Industrial Deafness?). I thought I heard a funny noise, but I just wrote it off to the earplug. Well, Hellooo dummy - you've had the plug in for an hour and the funny noise just started. Warning Warning: Machine problem. But do I pay any attention??? Nah! So much for making any money on that job. I think the top thread popped out of the tension discs. Or there was too much lint in the bobbin area. Or he needed oiling. Maybe a combination of all three things.

But here we go - all done and looking lovely.


  1. Happy Birthday to You!
    I have enjoyed your blog for awhile now and thought I had better say Hi! You do beautiful work as well.
    Have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday! You share the day with my son, too. Was it a leap year you were born- a day off that is?


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