Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tokyo Quilt Show - Group Quilts

Like all the quilts at the show, the group quilts were fantastic. This is a small sample - there were lots of group quilts. Many were very whimsical, as you will see.

The bear cutting his way out of a crazy quilt made me laugh out loud. And all his little friends helping with the quilt!

There were several quilts at the show that had 'connectors' to hold them together, as you can see in the taupe coloured quilt. In every case, the technique was beautifully executed.

I belong to a guild that has done a bang-up job of making a group quilt. These made me want to start another one that goes beyond the traditional (habitual?) choices we tend to make. You really need to have confidence in the workmanship of your partners when you tackle a project like these. I mean, LOOK at the tiny stuffed strawberries in the teddy bear's picnic block. Trust me... they are very very tiny. And if you check out the bear with the blue bonnet you will see more yo-yos around the border.

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