Monday, December 15, 2008

Dinner parties and Lessons learned and Aprons

We had two couples over for dinner on Saturday. The house was all vacuumed. The dusting was finished. The glass tables were polished. Lesson #1 - fluff the couch cushions BEFORE dusting and polishing.

DH and I were busy preparing the meal during the afternoon. Lesson #2 - this was more like a dog fight in the kitchen when I saw him swabbing down the counters and cutting boards with a freshly laundered and bleached white kitchen towel. I do believe he has now learned that there are pretty kitchen towels that ONLY dry dishes, and I DON'T mean the cast iron frying pan.

Lesson #3 - men just cannot help themselves when it comes to needing to win a game at any cost, including CHEATING. In the midst of the Trivial Pursuit game, the girl's game piece with several pies was inadvertently dropped on the floor by one of the guys, and some of the little pies were never found. Two hours later the guys finally won.

Lesson #4 - always ask the husband if he's made regular coffee or decaf. Don't wait until the next morning when both of you spent the night with your eyeballs zipping around your head in a mad frenzy of caffeine. That was ok back when I was 20, but now I truly (!) need all the sleep I can get.

Me and my zippy, bloodshot eyeballs spent Sunday making aprons. The one with the cats is for our vet. The pink & orange one is for me. The black check is a spare.

Log Cabin is one of my favorite quilts. This one is very cheery - I love the red.

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