Monday, December 8, 2008

Silk Quilts & Osage Oranges

These are slices from Osage Oranges. When I was driving from Diane's to the quilt guild in Goderich, Diane made me pull over at the side of the road and pick up oranges that had fallen from the tree. These were a little on the old side so I'm not sure how they'll look when they dry. That one on the left with the very brown centre worries me - I keep checking that nothing is crawling out of it. yeccchh...

I'm killing an hour before Boston Legal starts. Tonight is the very very final episode. What reason will I have to get up on Mondays after tonight???? Must find a new activity. Maybe I should work on some of those darned UFO's. Ya think?

I have finished two more quilts. Both quilts include silk fabrics, and both used Linda Palaisy hand dyed variegated threads.

This first one was quilted with a pantograph - 'Asian Ginko' and used the blue-ey thread. The pale green border is silk.

The second one needed a little more thought and PAY ATTENTION!!, so I put on some nice sing-along but not dance-along music.

The blocks are silk in this one. They were very simply quilted, with stitch in the ditch (which is not simple at all when using a longarm) and cross hatching. The mauve-ey/red-ey thread went in the blocks on this one.

In the borders and sashing I used black thread and quilted a background fill of greek key-ish motifs interspersed with some little flowers. As I've mentioned before, black thread on black fabric is just a bugger for me.

My darling hubby found this clamp-on light somewhere. It takes a zillion batteries, but when I need extra light there is nothing like it. It has a coily/bendy arm so I can aim the light wherever I need it.

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